The Friends of North Twin Lake Park (FONTLP) is a non-profit, all volunteer group dedicated to protecting and preserving the North Twin Lake Park property’s natural beauty and habitats, while supporting continued community passive recreational use and enjoyment of park.

Our Vision for the property is to:

  • Maintain the existing open, green space
  • Open from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
  • Free Swimming for Town Residents, Access by Permit Only for Non-Residents
  •  All garbage and items are Carry In/Carry Out
  • Plastic bottles only. No glass
  • Maintain and install designated parking(the existing parking area and additional overflow parking across the street) NO PARKING ANYWHERE EXCEPT DESIGNATED AREAS.
  • Landscaping: Trees and other vegetation
    Improving the lawn area
    Adding a few trees to help provide shade for families.
  • Focus on passive recreation, picnicking, reading, etc.
    We want to continue to see  variety of user groups (and age groups) utilize and enjoy the property, from families with young children to retired persons
  • Picnic Tables
  • Car top boats only
  • Improve the sandy beach area(for car top boat launch area)
  • Gated vehicular access to the sandy beach area(for emergency vehicles or special events/training)
  • Small fishing dock
    Natural wood. To be below smaller cement landing
  • Picnic Pavilion
    Natural wood pavilion (similar to Poet’s walk),to be located on the existing larger cement landing

For any comments and/or questions, please contact Jennifer Speedling at 845-505-2862