The Livingston History Barn

Welcome to the town of Livingston, NY

This town was organized in 1788 by Robert Livingston. Robert was the 1st lord of the manor located in Livingston which was named after him.

Ore Car

An ore car, donated by Charles Schneider stands outside the history barn. The original Iron Mountain originated in Burden iron mine in Linlithgo. Burden is now a ghost town in Livingston.

Grandma's kitchen!!

This kitchen was common in households through the 1930s-1950s.

Did somebody say coffee?

Blacksmith Tools

Blacksmith tools displayed on the wall along with many other historical items at the history barn library.

History Barn Hours

Saturday’s 10am-1pm
(or by appointment)

The History Barn

Come take a tour of the history barn library, located directed behind the Livingston town hall!

An Interview with Mary Howell

Interviewing Mary Howell for the Oral History Project of Columbia County.  Mary was the Historian of Columbia County and she will be informing us on the total history of Livingston as a whole. Stay tuned!


Joseph Gatti

Phone: 518-851-7637

A Museum of the Town of Livingston

Call 518-851-7637 for directions or an appointment, or email Historian Joseph Gatti or Deputy Historians Vincent Dicks and Mike Sofokles.

The Livingston History Barn has revolving exhibits covering our Town’s history of agriculture, economy, military engagements, everyday life, and more. It is a resource to those seeking the genealogy of their ancestors and who wish to learn more about the rich past of our community.

Hours of Operation

Saturday 10:00-1:00 or by appointment.

The Livingston History Barn is located behind the Town Hall.